Saiu o Fedora Core 6.

Pra quem gosta de viver na “cutting edge”, saiu o Fedora 6 com muita coisa nova para a nossa diversão diária 🙂

Alguns pontos fortes:



  • All Fedora Core applications have been rebuilt using `DT_GNU_HASH`, which provides up to a 50% performance boost on applications using dynamic linking.
  • IMAP support for the Evolution personal information manager is much improved in this release.
  • This release improves performance and manageability by splitting up package dependencies in a much more granular way. Affected packages include beagle, evince, and NetworkManager. For more information on these and other related changes, refer to Section 7, “Package Notes”.
  • In this release, the performance of YUM, Pirut, and Pup has been significantly improved.
  • Fontconfig 2.4 improves startup performance and memory footprint significantly.
  • The performance of the Fedora’s default ext3 filesystem has been boosted in recent versions of the Linux kernel.
  • A new background service caches and increases the performance of network filesystems such as AFS and NFS. This service is part of the ongoing CacheFS development by Red Hat.
  • CUPS printing service starts much more faster since it now detects devices on demand.

System Administration

  • The Fedora installer, Anaconda, can now connect to additional repositories such as Updates and Fedora Extras, and users can install applications from these repositories directly. Support for Fedora Extras is included by default on network-connected interactive installs.
  • Anaconda also now supports IPv6.
  • This release features a new virtualization manager, virt-manager, which adds a graphical management interface layer on top of Xen.
  • This release increases usability of SELinux by providing a graphical troubleshooting tool and enhancements to the Nautilus file manager.
  • Fedora now features integrated smart card capabilities, for secure authentication out of the box using the new CoolKey system.
  • This release introduces a new tool, lvm2-cluster, for intuitively managing cluster volumes.

System Level Changes

  • Fedora Core 6 features a 2.6.18 based kernel. There are no longer separate kernels for SMP and UP processors on any architecture. A single kernel now automatically detects your processor configuration and enables the proper bits for it.
  • 7.1 now dynamically configures monitor resolution and refresh rates to limit the amount of required user configuration.
  • This release supports Apple Macintosh systems running the new Intel processors.
  • This release includes better i18n support using the default SCIM input method, including more languages such as Sinhalase (Sri Lanka) and Oriya, Kannada, and Malayalam (India). Fedora now provides an easy interface to switch the input methods using im-chooser.
  • The GNOME 1.x legacy stack has been removed from Fedora Core, and added to Fedora Extras.

Os inevitáveis screenshots:

Clique na imagem para vê-la em tela cheia.

Não sou fã inveterado do fedora, mas considero esta distro como uma das três melhores para desktops (ubuntu, opensuse, fedora).Baixem as isos via bittorrent e BURN AWAY 🙂

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