Saiu o Amarok 1.4.6…

Saiu o Amarok 1.4.6, pegue-o enquanto está quente.
Ainda não sairam os debs para kubuntu, mas devem sair amanhã cedo, fiquem de olho no site do kubuntu.

Link: Amarok – Rediscover your music


  • Funky new icon set, featuring KDE4 Oxygen colors by Landy DeField; for 2.0 he will be working to ensure that Amarok has a complete Oxygen icon set.
  • Default database backend is a lot faster due to a new SQLite version.
  • A gigantic load of bug fixes, the main focus of this release.
  • Introducing rockbox support for iPod.
  • Performance tuning. # More wockas per square inch.
  • A miracle in software engineering – we added less people to an early software project and made it later, disproving the Mythical Man-Month. # Packaged with FUKITOL.


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