Smb4K 0.9.0 disponível no repo Padoca.

O smb4k 0.9.0 está disponível no repo padoca nas versões i386/AMD64 para o Feisty Fawn (7.04).


* Cleaned up the code and updated the copyright statements.
* Smb4K now uses KConfig XT throughout the whole application. This breaks
compatibility with older versions of Smb4K.
* Replaced the old configuration dialog with a new one based on KConfigDialog.
* Added some more configuration options for smbclient and mount.cifs.
* Changed some (default) configuration options.
* Removed obsolete Smb4KUser class.
* Implemented validity checks into the core container classes, so that only IPv4
and IPv6 IP addresses are used.
* Modified Smb4KGlobal namespace.
* Removed Smb4KHomesShareHandler::convert() function.
* Revised Smb4KCore class.
* Improved Smb4KSambaOptionsHandler class.
* Improved Smb4KShare class.
* Improved Smb4KMounter class.
* Improved Smb4KScanner class.
* The –enable-final configure option now works without problems.
* Introduced Smb4KPreviewer core class.
* Rewrote Smb4KPreviewItem class and moved it into own files.
* Introduced new Smb4KSynchronizationInfo container class.
* Improved Smb4KSynchronizer class.
* Improved Smb4KPasswordHandler class.
* Did a major revision of Smb4KFileIO class.
* Modified definitions in smb4kdefs.h.
* Improved Smb4KBookmark class.
* Improved Smb4KBookmarkHandler class.
* Smb4KPrint now supports the “application/x-shellscript” mime type.
* Unified API of the network item classes.
* Bumped version of the core library to 2.0.0.
* Rewrote main window.
* Redesigned shares icon view.
* Added new shares list view.
* Redesigned network browser.
* Redesigned search dialog.
* Introduced a new synchronization dialog.
* Redesigned the print dialog.
* Revised the preview dialog.
* Improved the bookmark editor:
* Rewrote Smb4KSystemTray class from scratch.
* Ported the Konqueror plugin to the new widgets.
* Modified utility programs.


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