mesa 18.3 git now compiled with llvm 8.x

6 thoughts on “mesa 18.3 git now compiled with llvm 8.x

  1. 18.04 Google Maps now always crash the tab in Firefox. Tested with a clean FF profile.
    Maps do show up but crash after a split second, before the side panel fully loads.

    dmesg shows this:
    llvmpipe-3[5349]: segfault at 0 ip 0000000000000000 sp 00007f609a4f68e8 error 14
    Code: Bad RIP value.

  2. Dear Mr. Dias
    I don’t know how to make you aware of this but your latest upgrade of libllvm8 destroy Kubuntu. Everything was working prior to the upgrade.
    Kind Regards

    1. It should be fixed in the new build that is compiling right now.
      try it and let me know.

      thanks for the feedback

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